Bloodborne probado hoy en el Madrid Games Week… Y mejor aún de lo que esperaba.

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"Now that I am Undead, I have come to this great land, the birthplace of Lord Gwyn…"

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Artorias is the fucking shit


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dark souls: design works

These guys are my life



That’s it, that’s the game.

When you try your best but You dont succeed.



smough & ornstein
dark souls ost

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PRAISE THE SUN by einhajar

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Video Game Challenge | Pre/Sequels [3/5] | Mass Effect 2

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Favourite Souls Series Designs → (1/?)

Mind Flayer – Tower of Latria

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Ébola en España. Por Albert Monteys.


Los dos estados de un programador

1. Soy el puto amo

2. No tengo ni idea de lo que estoy haciendo (El más común)

Joder, a ver si me toca ya el primero, aunque sea por un ratito.


The Art of Christopher Lovell

Christopher Lovell. Artist. Musician. Tutor. Currently residing in Wiltshire, the Welsh artist is carving a strong identity in the art and design world with his lavishly detailed and imaginative work. His clients range from multi-platinum recording artists like Kid Rock to global clothing companies such as Iron Fist. Christopher Lovell’s ever-expanding portfolio showcases a diverse subject matter and demonstrates a passion and level of enthusiasm that speaks for itself. 

Christopher Lovell counts himself lucky to have been a child of the 80s. The toys, cartoons and movies of the era left him spellbound, fuelling his imagination. He finds this inspiration allows him to express himself very naturally through his art. Having developed a deep interest in fantasy and sci-fi, Christopher Lovell spent his childhood and teen years immersed in every aspect of creativity he could access.

As art came very easy to him, Christopher Lovell is completely self-taught and is able to effortlessly adapt to any medium presented to him. Very early on he soon noticed his art could captivate and inspire those who viewed it. Throughout his school years Christopher Lovell’s passion for Anime, comics and graphic novels led him to writing and illustrating his own stories.

"I inked and painted 96 pages of a story and I had roughly sketched out a further 400 or so pages. During the first 96 pages you can see a huge progression in my skills as an artist."

Unfortunately the work was never to be completed as Christopher turned his attention towards painting on canvass. Christopher Lovell also enjoys expressing his creativity through music. He is a skilled and versatile guitarist, and approaches song-writing with equal enthusiasm as his art. Although his art and illustration work has to remain his primary focus, Christopher Lovell remains a respected member of the local alternative music scene. Having once been told at art college that he would “never make it as an illustrator” Christopher relishes in the satisfaction that each new piece of work continues to impress, inspire and amaze his growing client and fanbase.


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Yngwie Malmsteen - I’ll See the Light Tonight

Shiny Master Sword - The Legend Of Zelda